Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chantilly Textiles

YES!!  I'm still on a roll. Someone sent me a long poem the other day about "not breaking the chain."  So here we go - the chain has been started so "Jaime, don't break it."

Here is another page using the Chantilly paper packet and the Chantilly textiles.
As you can see in the watermark of the photo I did not design this all by myself.  Tammy Bristow (a fellow Consultant) created this page for a class at a Team event that I attended in January.  Shannon and I wanted to expand on the textiles a bit more than what Tammy did. 
So Shannon added the hand-sewn "flowers" in the bottom left corner.  It's really simple.  Take about a 2"x10" piece of fabric, fold it in half length wise.  Then use a needle and thread to sew along the rough long edge of the flower.  Simply pull the thread and "scrunch the fabric" then sew the ends together to create a circle.  Finish it off with something in the center of the "flower" and VOILA!!!
This layout uses the following products:
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