Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This is Why!

This is why I haven't posted anything in over 2 months. This is our detached 4 car garage that we have been building since last fall.
The upstairs is where I will now host all of my workshops, classes, crops, retreats, and music lessons. We have been working like crazy to finish it. There is still a lot of painting and fine touches that need to be finished.
Our goal was to have it functional for my 3rd Semi-Annual Slumber Party Retreat August 20-21 and functional it was.
The ladies showed up Saturday morning to a beautifully painted room complete with their own 5' hard wood table and rolling task chair to scrap the weekend away on. I promise I'll post more photos of the weekend soon.
In the meantime, we are up and running and I'm having my next event this Saturday, September 3 from 9a-9p. Come to an All-Day Crop for only $35; lunch and dinner included as well as a project and prizes. Email me before Thursday if you are interested.