Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Great American Scrapbook Convention in Chantilly, VA

I attended the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Chantilly, VA this past weekend, June 24 & 25, 2010. I was able to attend as a customer on Friday and a vendor on Saturday. This was my first time attending and I was quite impressed. There were vendors from all over with tons of scrapbooking products, ideas, make & takes, and great samples on display. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos to share with you right now. I had to go out of town suddenly due to a death in the family and I left the camera at home.
The one thing I was on the hunt for was a t-shirt and I found 2. One says "friends don't let friends crop alone" (purchased from Scrap Happy - and the other "Scrapbook Girl" (purchased from I purchased 2 of each of them for myself and my sister. She and I try to get together once a month for a scrapbook weekend. Since she lives in NC and I live in VA we alternate houses. We spend most of the weekend in our pj's, take very few showers, and watch "chick-flicks" while we scrap all weekend long. It's great! We know we won't be able to do this forever, so we are making it a priority now.
The 2nd day I was there I was helping my upline, Kathy Aardema-Zunk, at her Close To My Heart booth. She has been a vendor at this show for (I believe) 7 or 8 years now. We had a great time and I really enjoyed sharing CTMH and demo-ing some of our best products. I also learned alot by watching her interact with others (she has been a consultant for 14 years now). I also got to see some of my current customers and workshop attendees. I even made some new friends and can't wait to see them at a workshop of mine soon.
That's just another reason I love being a consultant. You get to meet great people and make lasting friendships too. You should join my team - I only wish I had joined CTMH sooner.

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